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Our Brewery is fully open for business again

Brewery Tours

Visit our microbrewery in Torre Pacheco
Meet the brewer
Discover how craft beer is made
Learn more about the ingredients
Sample the beers
Individuals and groups welcome
Costs 10€ per person

Regular Tours Tuesdays at 5PM
Advance booking is essential
Use the Contact form or call Laurence on 664 694 344

From Another Planet

To a Bar near you

We only brew craft beer designed from scratch to bring  great flavours and variety. Look out for our taps on the bar and be sure to tell the bar tender if you like it.

Pure Simplicity

Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast

Thats all it takes to make amazing beers. Thats all most of our beers contain. But we sometimes add other pure ingredients like elderflowers, licorice, honey, fruit and spices. 

Great Beers

Classic beers, and specialty Ales

Whether you like English best bitter, raucous hoppy IPAs, or rich porter black as night and full of bittersweet chocolately depth - we have something to make you smile and ask for another glass.

Who sells our Beer?

Come and drink some craft beer

We sell our beers to bars and restaurants. Click below to see the great bars and restaurants that sell our beer. Or visit the brewery, take a tour and sample the entire range. Just give us a call to let us know. 



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